Below is the site plan for College Creek, located at 2150 West College Avenue in Santa Rosa, CA.

The site plan includes two three-story buildings along West College Avenue, containing 30 units per building, and one 4-story building on the southern portion of the property.

Two driveways on the western and eastern portions of the site will allow dual vehicular access for residents, with a central pedestrian paseo connecting each building to West College Avenue at the center of Navarro Street.  Parking spaces will be spread throughout the property, and only a limited number of parking spaces will directly face West College Avenue to help protect the viewshed of those living or driving past the site.

Site Plan

Other features outlined in the site plan include proposed on-site amenities such as a children’s play area, pool, pool equipment room, residential amenities building (including things such as a community gathering area, exercise room and club room with hospitality kitchen), along with a leasing area within the building footprint.

Tentative plans also call for the closure of a gap to an existing creek trail on the property, improving the trailhead on the eastern portion of the property and creating a consistent trail path from the northern boundary of the site on West College Avenue to the already-improved trail along the southern and eastern portions of the site.