Many neighbors and Santa Rosa residents recall 2150 West College Avenue as the longtime home of the Sonoma County Water Agency.  Since the Water Agency (now known as “Sonoma Water”) relocated their headquarters north of city limits to the Airport Business Center near the Sonoma County Airport, the site has remained essentially abandoned.

Below is a timeline documenting the recent history of the site:

2011 – Sonoma County Water Agency begins to move out of 2150 West College Avenue offices, consolidating operations at their new headquarters near the Sonoma County Airport

2014 – Sonoma County puts Water Agency site on the market for $6.1 million

2014 – City of Santa Rosa re-zones site for medium-high density multi-family housing

2015 – Santa Rosa City Schools considers buying site to establish a charter school; School Board rejects proposal

2015 - Homeless encampment erected at site, removed by the end of the year

2017 – Sonoma County sells site to Sonoma County Community Development Commission (the “CDC,” also referred to as the “Sonoma County Housing Authority”)

2017 – CDC hosts community meetings to discuss desire for housing at the site

2018 – Sonoma County Board of Supervisors awards contract to USA Properties Fund to propose plans/facilitate development application for multi-family housing

2019 – Proposal renamed and rebranded as “College Creek”; USA Properties Fund hosts community meeting and conducts neighborhood outreach to discuss their conceptual proposal.

2020 – USA Properties Fund submits development application to the City of Santa Rosa on February 24th for College Creek Apartments