College Creek is a multi-family residential housing proposal located at 2150 West College Avenue in Santa Rosa, CA.  The property, which previously served as the home of the Sonoma County Water Agency, has been considered for housing since the City of Santa Rosa amended their General Plan in 2014.

As part of the 2014 General Plan Amendment, the property was re-zoned specifically for medium-high density residential housing.  As a result, any development proposed for the property must meet the medium-high density residential housing criteria codified in the City’s General Plan to be considered for approval.

The development concept for College Creek proposes:

Unit Mix:

168 units, consisting of both affordable and market-rate units to appeal to a variety of households, from young professionals to seniors and families.

  • 70 one-bedroom apartments (averaging 622 square feet)
  • 83 two-bedroom apartments (averaging 896 square feet)
  • 15 three-bedroom apartments (averaging 1,130 square feet)

Building Details:

  • Two 3-story walk-up buildings on the northern portion of the site (along West College Avenue)
    • Each building contains 30 units
    • Building to be set 25 behind West College Avenue to allow for sidewalks and landscaping
  • One 4-story building on the southern portion of the site
    • Building consists of 108 units, all of which will be elevator-served adaptable units
    • Tucked behind 3-story building to minimize visual impacts from West College Avenue and surrounding neighborhoods

Parking Details:

  • 272 parking spaces proposed on-site
  • The final number of parking spaces will meet or exceed all parking requirements set forth by the City of Santa Rosa

Housing Affordability:

  • A certain percentage of units will be designated as affordable units based on local affordable housing criteria
  • Remaining units will be market-rate and moderate-income units, though all units are being considered “affordable-by-design” – by having a slightly smaller square footage in each unit relative to other multi-family housing communities in the city, those cost savings are expected to allow for a more affordable price point for future tenants