Beyond their future tenants, College Creek will provide a variety of benefits to the community, including:

An opportunity to close the gap to the creek trail

The developer of College Creek is exploring possibilities to connect the existing creek trail on the southern portion of the property to West College Avenue through the project site. A final decision on this opportunity will be made in consultation with the County of Sonoma (who controls the creek area) and the City of Santa Rosa (who manages the city’s network of creekside trails).

Housing affordability

College Creek fulfills a goal for increased housing affordability in our area. The project will include a mix of market-rate and affordable units, appealing to a variety of people at all income levels.

Close proximity to transit

Given the site’s close proximity to public transit (a bus depot is located within 1/4 mile of the site, a less than 5-minute walk), the property is a prime example of transit-oriented housing. The Guerneville Road SMART Station is also just two miles away, creating additional opportunities for public transit.

New revenue to the City of Santa Rosa

Since the October 2017 wildfires, the City of Santa Rosa has faced a growing budget deficit that has reduced funding for essential city services.  College Creek is likely to provide the city with one-time payments of more than $500,000 to Santa Rosa City Schools and nearly $4 million in development impact fees (including $1.265 million for parks, $1.215 million for sewer, $450,000 for water and $915,000 for capital facilities).